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Musical artists passionate for freedom of expression and creativity eventually have to make a choice between writing music for a market genre and writing music that best expresses their personal convictions and life experience. Lynn and Russ Case of "Cases’ Creed" have made the right choice. They moved to Choiceland in big sky Saskatchewan and now write, record and perform music that expresses a sincere search for meaningful relationships, truth and mature musical expression. My favourite track is "Someone Like You" a tribute to those who encourage and build up others. The lyric asks "Do you ever wonder how some people know just what the rest of us need? Or how they get there just before we give up on what we believe? ...every day you make your difference by living just like you do. Because I could use an everyday hero someone like you. I could really use someone who believes like you." “Not Good at Letting Go” was produced by Gary Carter of Nashville. Carter a musician himself has performed with Glen Campbell and has produced music for Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and Randy Travis.  (Review contributed by David Spencer )

What Inspires Them

A passion for creating music that expresses honesty and truth.

Their Influences

One can hear that their lyric and music writing has been influenced by the musical stylings of Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy, Wynonna Judd, Gordon Lightfoot and Amanda Marshall. Performing over the years with musicians in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nashville has enhanced their sound. Russ Case's guitar work reminds me of master guitarist Phil Keaggy. Their new album “Not Good at Letting Go” expresses a range of emotions.  (David Spencer)

Not Good at Letting Go

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